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Last updated March 16, 2024
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The Great Awakening

Quantum Financial System

650 Plane Loads of Gold, Anonymous:
There was more gold in the tunnel under the Vatican than you can imagine. Yes, under the Vatican, deep underground, there is a tunnel that goes almost in a straight line to Jerusalem. The actual direct flight distance is 1,432. 90 miles (2,306.03 km). The tunnel was approximately 1,500 miles long, so it runs both underground and underwater.
Starting at the Vatican, the first 150 miles (241 km) revealed a huge amount of gold, stacked in 13 levels. I'm not sure what "13 levels" actually means, but whatever it is, it's a lot.
Along with this huge amount of gold, many books and manuscripts were found. Do I believe it? Well, I'm not going there, as that would be a guess at best. I am simply reporting what has been passed on to the insider regarding the results obtained at the Vatican.
Covid-19 was used as a smokescreen. You may remember that when the "Covid-19 pandemic" first broke out, one of the worst places was in Italy. Remember the headlines: COVID-19 pandemic in Italy!
Italy is trying to contain a second wave of deaths! Daily cases of COVID-19 in Italy reach new high, and on, and on, and on!
This was when the Alliance and the Military were destroying 13 bloodline families and the Vatican. During this period, they found underground tunnels, gold, scrolls, books, and so on. It was absolutely necessary that they keep the world's attention on the "virus" that allowed them to clear the tunnels and do other necessary work.
It took 650 planes to remove all the gold found from the tunnel leading to Jerusalem. They went to Buckingham Palace and found an equally huge amount of gold, taken from the poor and stored up for the rich. All the finds have been moved to Fort Knox for safekeeping.
There is more than enough gold in the world to support all the world's currencies in a one-to-one ratio, and it is enough to meet all the needs around the world.
We pass into another world, which was made possible only by the complete elimination of the evil Cabal, who was engaged in plunder in all possible ways.
It raises so many questions, doesn't it?
"The love of money is the root of all evil," Timothy 6: 10.
Please note that it is the "love of money" and not money itself that is the root of all evil. The love of money, the ever-increasing greed, the thirst for power, eventually lead to control over others.

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