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Last updated March 16, 2024
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Angus Bull Calf

Angus Cow And Calf

Arena Looking South

Back Yard 1

Back Yard 2

Bella In Pond

Billy The Goat

Brothers Riding

Cottage And Pond


Dachshund Vs Bull

Drive Way

Fishing At The Pond

Front Drive

Hay Field Looking North

Horses And Tack Shed

Horses Around Cattle Pen

Lady And Billy

Nellie And Paco

Nellie Get A Hair Cut

Nellie The Miniature Donkey

North Hay Pasture

Paco Needs To Put On Some Pounds


Rail Fence

Ranch Driveway Looking East

Ranch House East

Ranch House

Ranch Log House And Pond

Ranch Pond Looking North

Ranch Watershed

Rear Drive

Riding Bella

Riding Fun

Riding Together

Road To North Pasture


Side Yard

Tail Gating


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